ShopFactory Details

ShopFactory is one of the most highly awarded shopping cart software solutions available today. Designed for top search engine performance and thousands of products it has one of the most comprehensive feature lists on the market — yet is extremely easy to use. No other shopping cart solution comes even close.

With ShopFactory building an online store is easier than ever: from automatically creating your website with buy now buttons, integrating a high performance shopping cart and optimizing your site for search engines right through to publishing it on the Internet. All you have to do is add products and content information.

Best of all you can build your store on your own computer and publish when you are ready for the best store building experience.

There's more to eCommerce than building a shop

One of the many things we have learned over the years is, that for shop owners selling online involves much more than creating an online shop. So of course ShopFactory is much more than a point and click shopping cart software package. It is a complete eCommerce software solution designed to address all the issues you will encounter when you begin to sell online. From shop building and maintenance to fraud protection and order management — and much, much more.

Put simply ShopFactory is e-Commerce software designed to make e-Commerce easy for you. It is far more than a website builder which adds a shopping cart to your website.


All the features for your success

So many features — so easy to use. Since we released ShopFactory more than 13 years ago, it has become much more than just shopping cart software. Today ShopFactory is one of the most powerful and feature rich eCommerce solutions available. With more than 229,000 shops built to date and around 1.2 billion customers visiting ShopFactory shops every year, our experience is virtually unmatched.

This experience can be your secret weapon on your way to e-Commerce success. Because we put everything we learn straight into ShopFactory. For your benefit.


Sophisticated Content Managament System (CMS)

At the heart of ShopFactory is a sophisticated database driven Content Management System. Unlike most available eCommerce software solutions it lets you see what your website will look like, while you build it.

You can add pages or products with the click of a button or import them for faster shop building. Put products on hold, link from one page to another or link from one product to a related product. ShopFactory stays on top of it.

If you remove a product or put it on hold, the links to it disappear, too. This might not sound like much right now. But when you have a successful website, you'll love this feature.

ShopFactory of course also maintains your website navigation, to ensure your customers will always find their way around.

Search engine friendly

Search engine website promotion on the Internet attracts more customers to your website. Your ShopFactory e-commerce solution makes it easy. Your website will automatically be optimized to achieve the best possible results in search engines such as Google. Many integrated SEO functions allow you to optimize your website even further to achieve the best possible search engine optimization, SEO.

Publish your shopping cart website and sell

Your ShopFactory website and shopping cart software will work on any Internet website space. Simply publish your shop automatically with the integrated publishing tool and wait for your orders to roll in.

There are no special hosting or server requirements for your shopping cart software — just publish your shop and start selling. If you don’t have a web space or Internet address yet, then ShopFactory will make getting your own Internet space and website address easy with its integrated hosting offer.

Your personal website designer

With its many great looking website templates, ShopFactory is like your personal website designer, enabling you to easily create a professional website with integrated shopping cart software.

Customizing a design to make it even more suitable for your business is point and click easy. Your ShopFactory eCommerce solution will even resize images for you to make sure they fit properly!


Leading shopping cart functionalities

ShopFactory automatically adds one of the most powerful shopping cart software solutions available to the websites it creates for you — including the required Buy Now buttons.

Its list of eCommerce functions is unmatched. In fact you will find many functions in ShopFactory, which are unavailable in much more expensive solutions.

Best of all you get these functions without having to install or understand complex server side software. With ShopFactory you can receive orders, as soon as you have published your website.

You no longer have to compromise between ease of use and powerful functionality.


ShopFactory grows with you

As your eCommerce venture becomes more successful, your eCommerce requirements will grow. We have seen this again and again. So we have made sure ShopFactory grows with you by including and supporting functions and features which you would normally only expect in much more expensive solutions.

Supported services such as online order management, electronic software delivery (ESD), real-time stock control, real-time payment systems, membership and reseller tracking, advertising tracking and others also allow you to extend the functionality of ShopFactory, as your requirements increase (Included with ShopFactory Total Care).

With ShopFactory you won't have to look for a new solution, when your success kicks in.


No limit on customer numbers

Did you know that most eCommerce solutions can only deal with a limited number of customers in your shop at the same time? This is caused by limitations of the server side technology used by these solutions. As their shopping cart software is installed on the Internet Server, the shopping cart responds more slowly; every customer puts extra strain on your server.

The more customers enter your shop, the slower these websites become — until your shop stops working.

ShopFactory is different. For the last ten years we have been using client-side technology similar to the technology now being made popular by Google. Designed to deal with virtually unlimited amounts of customers and to respond quickly to them.

We believe your shop should be able to deal with as many customers as you can attract — not work against you, when you are successful.


Receive payments and orders online!

The entire buy now functionality and shopping cart software as well as a secure ordering page are included, when you create your website with a ShopFactory e-commerce solution.

All you have to do is to select the payment methods you can accept — ShopFactory takes care of the rest.

Your shop will send orders to you and order confirmations to your customers. For a small optional fee you can also store your orders online (this is included in ShopFactory Total Care), so you can be sure you never miss an order, even when you’re away from the office.


Ideal for small to medium sized shops

ShopFactory is ideal for small to medium sized web shops with up to 10,000 products. The vast majority of our customers list between 10 to 1,000 products in their shops.

While we know of shop owners who successfully maintain websites with more than 30,000 products, ShopFactory has not really been designed with such large shops in mind.

For a complete list of ShopFactory Shopping Cart features, click here.


Accept credit cards, PayPal and more

Your e-commerce solution is compatible with many online payment services, so you can have customer payments automatically approved. GlobeCharge, PayPal, Authorize.Net and WorldPay are just a few of them.

System Requirements

  • Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7
  • 256MB RAM
  • 150 MB hard disk space
  • Internet Explorer (only required for website building — websites will be accessible with all important browsers)
  • An Internet connection

* Get additional functionality if your server supports PHP (most do) with PHP search, superfast publishing and real-time stock control.

ShopFactory More Details
If you want to accept credit cards online for example, you must comply with the security regulations of the credit card companies.  Total Care makes this easy by allowing you to store your orders online in a PCI compliant environment.

Ongoing support, and free upgrades to the very latest version of ShopFactory are other benefits of the Total Care Package.

The many services listed below allow you to extend the functionality of your ShopFactory online store dramatically. With Total Care looking after your customers is easy. Boost your sales and stay on top of your orders.

All the features of ShopFactory are also included! Just check out the many additional services below.

Sage specifically designed for ShopFactory online stores

It even includes your own Internet address. Now you can publish your shop as soon as you have built it and start accepting orders straight away.


Free hosting

Total Care comes with a hosting package specifically designed for ShopFactory online stores

It even includes your own Internet address. Now you can publish your shop as soon as you have built it and start accepting orders straight away.

Ongoing support

The Total Care package includes unlimited support. If you don't know how to do something or need help with any ShopFactory issue simply let us know - and we will provide you with the answer.

Free Upgrades

ShopFactory has been continuously developed since 1995. With Total Care you never have to pay for an upgrade again. It's yours with Total Care.

Payment transactions

Total Care makes complying with regulations on accepting payments online easy. Now you can accept and combine virtually any payment method and and connect to many real-time payment transaction services — from PayPal to Google Checkout, and anything in between.

Don't be limited by a single provider. Statistics clearly show that your sales will increase by ten percent and more if you offer the most popular payment methods.

Total Care has partnered with online service provider GlobeCharge to make this easy. It even helps you direct your customers to your preferred payment methods, by letting you charge extra for those payment methods which cost you the most in transaction fees.


Order management

Manage orders with ease and offer your customers the security they expect.

With email no longer being a reliable services (studies show 5% and more of all emails sent never arrive) Total Care allows you to store and manage your orders online; accessible from anywhere in the world.

To achieve this we have partnered with GlobeCharge, the leading online order management service provider: a GlobeCharge account is included with each Total Care package.

So if you travel, you will still be able to look after your customers.


Fraud management

The GlobeCharge fraud protection system included with Total Care helps you minimize the impact fraudulent orders can have on your business. At GlobeCharge, we put you in control of your business security by helping you identify potentially fraudulent orders before you commit to them. An alert will warn you if an order could be fraudulent. You can then review it before acting — or make further safety checks, such as calling the customer.

You can even stop orders from specific countries or orders which match specific risk profiles before they get passed onto an automated payment process. This allows you to cut charge back fees by banks if you accept a stolen credit card.

After all, unlike in a brick and mortar shop in your local mall customers can only steal products you actively send to them. With Total Care you can feel more confident about doing business online.

Sales optimization

Obtaining order statistics is a vital part of commercial growth. Total Care helps you create order statistics to find out which products are your bestsellers; where most of your orders are coming from; and when you make your best sales. Armed with this information you can adjust your sales strategies for growth.


Advertising tracking

If you advertise on the Internet or use pay-per-click search engines, then you need to know how much revenue these activities generate. Total Care can track and collate this information for you and provide you with a comprehensive diagnostic of your advertising endeavors so you know which actions make money and which ones are unprofitable.


Selling digital goods

Total Care can automatically deliver data files such as software, e-books or MP3s to your customers via 'Electronic Softgoods Delivery' — as soon as payment has been approved.

If you sell digital goods such as software, electronic books or music on the Internet, then GlobeCharge’s automatic delivery option is a business necessity. Increase buyer confidence and improve your company’s security by using GlobeCharge to check client authenticity, accept payments and deliver software in one easy process. If your software requires the entry of unlock codes, then GlobeCharge can automatically send them to your customers as well.


Reseller tracking and Network selling

GlobeCharge allows you to manage your reseller pricing across different product and reseller groups — now you can offer different prices to different resellers.

If you need to keep track of commission payments to partners or network sellers, yuo are in good hands, too. GlobeCharge can automatically calculate commission payments up to five levels deep.

Membership management

Creating loyal members is a great way to boost your sales and to help you to a more steady income.

With the right Total Care account you can set up your own membership scheme with ease. Offer your members a flat discount per sale — or a loyalty scheme whereby they get more discounts when they spend more money in your shop. You can even define if and how your members can get free shipping. For example you can make shipping only free, if they spend more than $100.

Offering vouchers and discounts

When you offer customers a voucher, you have a better chance of converting a sale. With Total Care you can create vouchers which offer discounts by value or percentage — depending on your requirements.

Of course you can time limit vouchers — so that a voucher will expire if not used within 24 hours! Or limit the number of available vouchers by making the discount only available to the first 100 customers. With vouchers such as these your marketing will become much more effective when it comes to converting sales.